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Demystifying Health Coaching: The Role of the Client

Demystifying Health Coaching The Role of the Client

In this series on Demystifying Health Coaching, we’re excited to offer clarity on some common misconceptions we often encounter in the health and wellness worlds. These articles are meant to generate important dialogues about the past, present and future of health coaching – and without conversation there is no dialogue! We look forward to thoughts from our community on these articles and suggestions for future topics. 

We frequently celebrate health coaches as playing a critical role in helping clients achieve their health goals. This is absolutely true and deserves every ounce of recognition! What’s often not acknowledged, however, is the arguably even more important role of the client. Clients hold unmatched power to bring their health goals to life; they are keystone to making even the most tailored and success-proven programs truly work.  

So, what can clients do to ensure they reach their health goals? As with most things in health and wellness, it all starts with mindset! In today’s blog, we outline some quick tips to help clients achieve more success on their unique health journeys when partnering with a health coach.

Know yourself, know your coach

Before you commit to working with any health coach, no matter how many credentials they have or how highly recommended they came, it’s important to look inward. Based on your recent conversations with your doctor or health care practitioner, which health goals do you prioritize? Are there any long-term illnesses, allergies or life adjustments you’re coping with? Try listing your health goals in priority order. What goals do you need to meet most immediately? What are some supplementary health goals you’re looking to address, or perhaps health habits, like healthier eating, better sleep, or incorporating more movement or mindfulness, are you hoping to adopt? 

Make sure that when you start practicing with your coach, they have some knowledge of your required health needs. If you are hoping for more of a specialist, our platform allows for co-coaching opportunities, so that is your health coach is practicing on our platform, they can connect with specialists on the platform, from cancer to women’s wellness to LQBTQIA+ health coaching specialists, in order to create a more tailored program. The best way to set yourself up for success is to create a holistic program that best meets your needs.

Set your mindset

This might seem ambiguous at first, but we have some health coaching strategies to help! Firstly, celebrate the fact that you’ve decided to prioritize your health goals, seeking out a health coach to make them happen. No matter how far you might seem from them in the present moment, truly root yourself in the idea that you’ve made the powerful decision to start pursuing your goals right here, right now. 

Leverage words or phrases of affirmation to remind yourself of the power you have to create new and lasting health habits. Things like, “I can do this, I will do this,” and, “I’m strong. Today is Day X on my journey to a healthier life.” Try jotting down these phrases every morning, or speaking them in front of the mirror. There’s power in repetition and there’s passion in positivity. If you start your health coaching programs with this focused mindset, there’s truly no stopping you! And once you begin your programs, your health coach will be there to bolster this state of mind the whole way through to your goal (even – and especially – when it gets tough). 

Make a commitment and do the work

Again, easier said than done, but what’s important to remember is that if you don’t truly commit to doing the work, both during your health coaching sessions but especially in between them, there’s no way you’ll reach your goal. Accountability is truly what makes health coaching statistically effective. So, whether that means you make a monetary commitment and purchase sessions or a program up front with your coach so you’re locked into a set schedule, or tell a friend, spouse, or parent that you’re pursuing your specific health goal with a health coach, make that commitment to put in the work to make your health goals come to life because you deserve it

Recognize that, like all good things, we need to work at health and wellness, both in our minute-long daily habits like choosing to wake up earlier to get in a morning walk, to the bigger choices like choosing to partner with a health coach. Every step forward is progress and it’s worth it.  

Here at YourCoach, we’re a practice management platform and virtual home for health and wellness coaching, helping clients, coaches and members truly stay on track to their health goals. We’re grateful that we get to match new clients, every day, with practicing coaches on our platform to support their health goals now and in the future. 

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