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Are you a passionate leader and innovator who’s looking to spearhead the Health Coaching revolution in this $7.8B and growing market?

What is the YourCoach Changemaker Council?

The first-ever collaborative of individuals of influence with the opportunity to become more invested in health coaching—quite literally!


As true champions of YourCoach, our platform and our mission, the YourCoach Changemakers will be our champions within their networks, drive change in this growing industry and in turn will receive shares of our company!


Whereas others dole out referral codes, gift cards or branded water bottles, we’re giving innovators the chance to have a real say in our platform, community and the industry.

Why YourCoach Changemaker is the right role for YOU



Enact impactful change through health coaching by guiding YourCoach initiatives within and beyond our immediate community



Become a partial owner and shareholder of YourCoach Health!



Grow your leadership skills and tap into resources to help shape future leaders in this industry



Be on the frontlines of change with the founding YourCoach team, the industry category creators



Establish yourself as an industry thought leader and network with fellow trailblazers



Amplify your brand through cross-promotional YourCoach channels

We believe in 
power of community and authenticity

We’re always focused on keeping health and wellness coaches at the heart of everything we do. This is our next step in empowering changemakers and pioneers with this exclusive, one-of-a-kind program that is only open to 10 individuals via an application and interview process. We love to innovate, and this is yet another way we are giving back to this amazing community while growing together.

You could be a YourCoach Changemaker if you:

  • 01

    Are passionate about health coaching and the YourCoach platform, community and brand, with a deep knowledge of our tools and services

  • 02

    Think outside of the box and appreciate the startup mentality

  • 03

    Are familiar with the YourCoach brand, platform, our mission, our values and what we do

  • 04

    Have received your coaching certification from an NBHWC-accredited program or have relevant experience in the health and wellness field

  • 05

    Are involved in the coaching, wellness or health care communities through social media, coaching groups and more

  • 06

    Have a strong social media presence and following of other health and wellness professionals

  • 07

    An added bonus if you teach/have taught at an accredited health coaching school or run a program for health and wellness coaches

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Changemakers will be responsible for:


The Team


Speaking Opportunities


  • Offering resources, support and encouragement to the Coaching Community through various channels
    Comm unity
  • Sharing YourCoach news and events on social media, meeting set KPIs and helping grow our talent pool
    The Team
  • Providing insights on new features, campaigns and more
    Fea- tures
  • Participating in events and serving as speakers, where possible
    Speaking Opportu-nities
  • Attending quarterly meetings and monthly briefings, where together, we’ll set and track KPIs
    Strat- Egy
About YourCoach

About YourCoach:

YourCoach.Health YourCoach.Health is the only organization on the market that's beyond a full practice management solution for the rapidly growing gig-economy of health & wellness coaches. We're an operating system for behavior change, powered by a technology-augmented army of health coaches. Our industry partners entrust us to power up their clients, members and talent with validated and credentialed coaches who are actively practicing on our platform, supported by science-backed methodologies. We're the premier Virtual Home for health and wellness coaching, an ecosystem built to empower health coaches to deliver their services to even more individuals across the globe. Join us on the Health Coaching Revolution as we strive to deliver the power of health coaching to the 8.5 billion global population by 2030.

Our industry
partners entrust us

Our partners easily embed health and wellness coaching to surround their product, service, clinical trial, patient community and more powered by the largest thriving and validated coach community and industry experts. Join us on the Health Coaching Revolution as we strive to deliver the power of health coaching to the projected 8.5 billion global population by 2030.

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Website Disclaimer

YourCoach.Health is committed to serving as a virtual home for all things health and wellness coaching. Coaching is a complement to, not a substitute for, professional medical advice. If you or someone you know requires immediate medical attention, please dial 911 or the following hotlines, depending on your needs:

National Suicide Prevention Line or Crisis Call Center

(800) 273-8255

SAMHSA's National Helpline

(800) 662-4357

National Eating Disorders Association

(800) 931-2237

National Domestic Violence Hotline

(800) 799-7233

LGBT National Hotline

(888) 843-4564