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My client is hesitant to download the platform - is there a way I can reassure them somehow?

Absolutely - they can read our blog on HIPAA compliance and consult our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

How can I access the Roadmap and My Points?

Open the platform and click on YourSpace. In the middle, you will be able to click on the bar that says Tiers. This is where you can access your roadmap, and see your points, and perks.

I have encountered a problem with one of the features, who can I talk to?

We have live chat support for practicing coaches on the platform. Use the blue support button to open the chat with our lovely team & ask away (if you feel more comfortable with email, you can always reach us via support@yourcoach.health). If you encounter technical difficulty, please let us know what device you are using, desktop or mobile and of course screenshots or screen recordings are most useful!

Can I upload my own videos to my programs?

At the moment, you can add and upload links to videos hosted on video hosting websites such as Youtube, Vimeo or your own website.

Do you have video sessions integrated into your platform?

Great news! We have our amazing live video feature, where you can schedule and host individual and group live sessions. You can record and transcribe the sessions, and share them with clients at your convenience. And rest assured, our in-platform video feature is HIPAA compliant.

I would love to be able to connect a food diary app to YourCoach - is it possible?

With the help of our amazing coaching community, we have developed our very own in-platform Food Diary - you and your clients can access it through our Toolbox. Your clients can set up trackers, as well as add meals, pictures, and notes to each entry! 

I want to host a discovery call - can I do it via the platform for clients that have not signed up yet?

Clients will need to register on the platform in order to schedule and dial in to your discovery call.

Do you offer Evergreen Programs?

We sure do! With our Individual Evergreen Programs, you can set programs without an end date. This option for group programs is coming soon.

Can my clients track water via the platform?

Absolutely. You can set this up via Tasks & To-dos (just set a task asking them to track water), and they can check off the water glasses right in the task!

What is the difference between Tasks and Goals?

Our Task feature was designed to help you set regularly recurring (daily, weekly, monthly) action items for your clients (it can be anything from meditation, yoga sessions, journaling, etc - depending on your program and specialty). Goals are the desired result that your clients envision (with your help, of course), plan and commit to achieve within the program that you are providing. By setting long and short-term goals within the YourCoach platform, your clients can keep accountable and on track to achieve their desired results. An example of a goal can be -“Get to bed before 10 o’clock”, if you are working with a client who is looking to establish a healthy sleep cycle. Here you can add action items they can check off for each day they reach that goal.

I attached my contract in the details section of my program. How will it show up for my invited client to review?

The contract is the first thing your client will see when joining your program. They will be prompted to digitally sign it in the platform before proceeding to the next step.

Can I import my contacts or potential client list?

Absolutely! With our Contacts feature you can easily manage, import, and categorize your current and potential client list. You can add contacts manually or you can import them all at once. To import contacts, you need to create a .CSV file with at least one of the following fields filled in - First name, Last name, Email address. Once you have the file, it takes only a few seconds to attach and upload it to YourCoach.

Do you offer any training programs? I graduated recently and would love some practice.

Currently, we do not have any training programs, but our team has created a lot of valuable resources, and webinars for coaches signed up to the YourCoach Platform.

Do you offer educational events? 

We love supporting our coaching community in any way we can. We offer a variety of masterclasses, webinars and educational events to help you level up your practice. You can find out about upcoming events here ; on our social media. If you are a part of our coaching community, you find out about our events first and have priority in reserving tickets.

Can my clients see other coaches on the platform?

Absolutely not! Your clients won’t be able to see other coaches or their programs.

Is this a directory?

While we are many things, we are NOT A COACH DIRECTORY! YourCoach is a full spectrum practice management platform for health and wellness coaches. We designed the community tab to connect coaches to coaches and create a nurturing, informative hub for everyone.

Why am I seeing other coaches in the community tab?

Our community tab was designed to connect coaches to coaches, and create community and conversations. You have the ability to reach out to coaches, ask questions, start a conversation, or meet with them to see how you can collaborate. You can also become a mentor or a mentee and find coaches via our Mentor tab.

How can I be part of the YourCoach #coachingcommunity?

Once you register on the platform, you are already part of our community and we are excited to have you! If you’d like to join the #coachingcommunity group on the platform or on Facebook, all you need to do is click JOIN!

Can my clients see my notes?

No, they cannot, your notes are for your eyes only! We are, however, working on a feature where you will be able to share session notes with your clients if you wish. 

Can I copy programs?

You can! We have a cloning option - you can use it if you would like to change the price or the duration of the program. All you need to do is open the program, click on edit and clone the program within the “Details” section.

I love the Session Notes feature! Is there a word limit I should be aware of?

There is no limit! You can write just a few sentences or a novel.

Do you have a scheduling tool available?

We do indeed! We have our very own scheduling tool, right within the platform. You can set your agenda, your availability, and even free intro calls with clients (they can book right within the platform). You can change your daily / weekly schedule as you wish.

Do I have to use your questionnaire template? I already have my own template.

You don’t need to use our template. You can use the form builder to add your own questions and customize the questionnaire as you wish.

How can I send questionnaires to my clients?

Once you have created the questionnaire, you can click on the “Send Questionnaire” button. You will be able to send it by Name (to your clients already on the platform), via email, or by Program. You can also attach questionnaires to chats - all you need to do is click on the attachment icon within your group chat or direct message.

I would like to use on and off-boarding questionnaires with my clients. Is it possible through YourCoach?

It sure is! You can use our template, or upload your own questionnaires to send to clients!

How many programs can I create without charge?

You can create two individual and one group programs before you start paying for the platform. Please consult our Payments section for more information on our gamified pricing model.

Do you have a tutorial on how to use the desktop version of YourCoach? 

We sure do! You can head over to our Youtube Channel and check out our desktop tutorial with CEO, Marina Borukhovich.

Where do I find out more information on what the different price tiers include?  Where do I go to choose one for my account?

With any of the price tiers, you have full capabilities of the platform, there are no restrictions. As a new coach to the platform, you have 2 individual programs and 1 group program that you can run at no cost. During that time, you already start collecting points for all the activities you do on the platform and that is continuously reducing the price. After your trial, depending on how many points you have, the price of the platform will start from $35/month but can go down to as low as $10/month.

Can I issue refunds?

Our platform includes different payment options - from integrating Stripe payments to our "Paid Elsewhere" function which will allow you to accept cash or PayPal outside of the platform. You can now issue refunds through Stripe, if needed.

I checked the tutorials, but still have some questions. Can I speak to the team? 

We’ll be happy to walk you through the app, troubleshoot or offer tips and tricks on using the platform for the utmost benefit. Please book an onboarding call with us and we will be happy to help. 

What materials can I add in the Library?

You can add anything from documents to pictures, as well as links. You can also create folders to store specific materials, like client contracts. There is no limit on the number of materials you can upload.

What are Voice Notes? 

Voice notes are another way to communicate with your clients. We have integrated this familiar feature into our Chat function to help you streamline your communication.

Do you have an in-app scheduling option? I don’t want to use Calendly…

We are very excited to share that indeed, we do! Our in-app calendar and scheduling is now available on the platform. You can edit your availability at your convenience, add slots for introductory calls, and much more. This is what YourCoach is all about, everything in one place, without the extra noise!

Can I get in touch with other coaches on the platform?

If you wish to get in touch with a fellow coach, you can head to the Community tab, choose the coach you wish to contact and click on the message bubble. If you want to interact with our #coachingcommunity, you can join our community program on the platform or our Facebook group.

Is there a desktop version available?

Yes! We are so excited to have YourCoach available on all your devices! To access the desktop version head to yourcoach.health and click on Login. You can use the same email address or phone number as you do on the app. 

Does the desktop version have the same capabilities as the mobile application?

Absolutely! The desktop version has full platform capabilities. Options are important and now you have the option to use desktop, mobile or both together (which is our preference around here :))

I’ve heard that besides being able to bring the cost down, you also offer some special benefits for practicing coaches - is that true?

Absolutely! Thanks to our exclusive partnerships, practicing, verified coaches on the YourCoach platform have many opportunities for new client relationships with our industry partners. All you have to do is practice with your own clients on the platform, and be an active part of our wonderful community to be eligible for this opportunity.

Please tell me more about how your gamified pricing model works? What should I do to get the price down?

Just practice on the platform (app or desktop)! We have developed a point system, where you are rewarded points for various coaching activities on the platform (like enrolling your clients, published programs, chat history, goal setting, uploaded materials, etc). If you are an active practicing health coach, it won’t be a lot of effort to get from Tier 1 to Tier 7, which means paying just $10 a month with an unlimited number of clients and platform capabilities!

What is the monthly subscription price?

It starts from $40 per month, BUT have you heard about our revolutionary gamified pricing model? The more you practice with your clients, the easier it is to bring the cost down to just $10 a month! *You didn’t hear it from us, but by the time your trial period ends, the cost of the platform is already reduced to about $30 with all the points you’ve earned!  

Is there a trial period before I need to start paying?

Sure thing! You may publish and run one group program and one individual program with two clients (or two individual programs with one client each) at no cost! Try it out, get feedback from your clients, simplify their health journey (and yours), and become an integral part of our YourCoach community!

I’ve registered on the platform and been using it prior to May 2021, will I now need to start paying for it?

No, we stick to our promises! For all those practicing on the platform prior to our pricing rollout - you are grandfathered in for life!

What is practice management?

A practice management platform lets you manage your practice all in one place!  It’s a space to create your programs/offerings and onboard your clients with e-signature digitized contracts.  You can accept and manage payments right in the platform. Once you create your programs and onboard your existing clients, the platform is your personalized space to interact with them.  Our goals and tasks features will help keep your clients accountable in a group or individual settings. Our in-platform video capabilities mean that you don’t need to use any other platforms for your virtual meetings. The library feature lets you keep all your materials in one place and share them with your clients as needed. YourCoach is your virtual home for all your coaching practice needs!

What does my profile on the platform look like?

Your profile is visible only to your existing clients and other coaches on the platform (for networking purposes) and will show the name and a brief description of your practice, your uploaded coaching certifications (if you choose to make them public), your availability for scheduling, and any programs you offer (unless you keep them hidden or in draft format). Your profile DOES NOT show your clients, your client count or any other personal or proprietary information.

Can I get help to switch my existing workflows over to YourCoach?

Absolutely! We are here to help! Just reach out to us at support@yourcoach.health and our team will help convert your existing workflows into a managed, all-in-one-place virtual practice on the YourCoach platform.

I see other coaches on the platform. Can my clients see them as well?

No. Only coaches on the platform, not clients, can see other coaches. Here, you can search and see if there is anyone who complements your niche specialty that you would like to network or co-coach with. Your clients who you invite onto the platform will only see your practice and your offerings (programs/packages).

Can other coaches see my programs?

Other coaches are only able to see the name, duration, price, and description of your program.  The actual program contents will only be available and visible to clients who join your program.

You can, however, set your programs to ‘hidden’ in settings, which will allow only the clients you invite into your program to see it.  In this instance, it will be hidden from other coaches.

Can clients see my profile?

Only the clients you invite onto the platform or share your profile link with can see your profile.

What is YourCoach certification?

YourCoach certification starts with uploading all the coaching credentials that you’ve worked so hard for! It could be a photo or a scan and you can upload as many as you’d like. Once verified and approved by our team, the certifications will be displayed in your profile (or hidden if you choose to keep them private). There are lots of other exciting components to being YourCoach-certified and we can’t wait to tell you more about them very soon!

What’s the difference between programs and packages?

Tomato/Tomahto! Virtually, the same thing, it just depends on what you call your offerings.

How do I invite a client to join my program?

You can invite your clients directly into the program. When inviting clients to a program, you can click the invite button and invite them via name (if they are an already existing client) or by email (if they have not signed up yet, they will be able to via the code in the email invite). For the full sign-up and invite process, please visit our Tutorials

Where can I see the invites I sent?

If inviting clients to a program by name or email, you’ll see the invites sent in the Invites tab.


Can I customize the invitation email sent to my clients?

Yes! You can add it in the custom message field and it will be included with the invitation sent from us.

Can anyone be matched with a client?

To match with a client, you need to be a practicing coach on the platform. This means you need to onboard your own clients who will be enrolled in your programs/packages in order to be eligible to be matched with any new clients. This is all part of the YourCoach certification process and we can’t wait to share more about that very soon!

How do I improve my chances of being recommended to new clients?

There are a few things you can do. Make sure your profile is complete. Tell us as much as you can about your practice and describe your packages and programs in detail. Upload your certifications and credentials and be an active member of our community. Most importantly, help your existing clients reach their goals! You can read more about various opportunities by referring to Perks on our website or platform.

Is there a limit to how many clients I can have enrolled in my programs?

No, there is no limit.  You can have as many clients as you can handle!

Can I run multiple programs at the same time?

Yes, absolutely! There are no limits to a number of programs you can run!

Can I delete materials after a program has started?

You can delete anything that hasn’t yet been shared with your clients. Once an item has been unlocked and shared with your client, you can no longer delete it.

Can I start my program before the official start date?

Yes! You can start your program anytime!

Can I end my program anytime?

The program needs to run at least until the end date you’ve selected (after all, your clients signed up and trusted you to deliver your best!).  If you’re having too much fun and don’t want the program to end, you can run it past its end date or extend it.

Can clients join my group program after it has started?

Yes, they will request to join and you can either grant them permission to join the existing group or invite them to a new one.

Will the clients see all the materials I have shared prior if they start a program already in progress?

Yes, they will have access to everything you shared before they joined and everything going forward.

Will the clients joining a program in progress be able to see the conversations taking place prior to them joining?

No, they will only see conversations starting from the time they joined.

Can a client join more than one program at a time?

Yes! It’s up to you and your client to decide which programs and squads they participate in.

Can a client exit a program at any time?


What does it mean to ‘Freeze’ a member of a program?

Freezing a member limits their access to a program. This can be done due to non-payment, violating program rules or a variety of other valid reasons at the coach’s discretion.

Can I start multiple programs at the same time?

Yes, your programs can start at the same time.

Is there a program limit per coach?

No, there are no limits to the number of programs you can run on the platform!

What is co-coaching and how does it work?

Co-coaching is a concept introduced by YourCoach. It’s the ability to provide coaching services with another coach (or 2 or 3) who complement your niche specialty. You design the program together, decide on the price (and the breakdown of $ for each coach), length and content of the program, invite your clients and voila - you are co-coaching! You no longer need to refer out your clients - you can stay involved on their health journey. Co-coaching allows you to focus on your niche specialty and lets other experts contribute what they know and are good at.

How will the funds be distributed to coaches and co-coaches?

If you collect payment via Stripe on our platform, they will be deposited into your account.  If you collect payment outside YourCoach, it’s up to you to manage that!

Is there a limit of co-coaches per program?

No, there are no limits

What is a mentor?

A mentor is someone who can aid new (and seasoned) coaches in topics related to any aspect of coaching.

Can anyone become a mentor?

Yes, if you have time and knowledge to contribute, please feel free to become a mentor and help those looking to better themselves as coaches!

What is my responsibility as a mentor?

As a mentor, you agree to answer questions related to any aspect of Health and Wellness Coaching. Mentorship is on a strictly voluntary basis, designed to help coaches looking to expand their coaching knowledge.

How do I sign up as a mentor and find mentees?

To become a mentor you need to check off the ‘mentor’ box while setting up your coach profile.  Mentees are other coaches on the platform and they can reach out via in-app messaging to connect with you.

What are Session Notes?

Session notes help you keep track of client sessions and their progress. They are only visible to you.

Looks like there is a Questionnaire template on the platform - can I use it?

Absolutely! You can use the template as is, or you can pick and choose any of the template sections.

I would love a video tutorial.. Where can I find it?

Tutorials are available through our desktop version on the left-hand side bar. You can access this link with or without being logged in.  If you would like to see any additional features for the tutorials, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@yourcoach.health

How are payments handled?

Payments accepted through the YourCoach platform are handled through Stripe.  Should you decide to accept payments through our platform, you would need to register with Stripe (or log into your existing Stripe account) and will be charged the Stripe processing fee.  We don’t take any commission on top of that.

Do I have to accept payments on YourCoach platform?

No. You can choose the ‘Paid elsewhere’ option when setting up a paid program and your clients can use an alternative payment method like another payment processor, cash or barter :)

How can I structure my payments on the platform?

If accepting payments through Stripe, you can charge clients a one-time fee or break it into monthly installments.

How will payment be handled after a group program has started?

If you choose to accept payments through us via Stripe, the payment will be prorated based on how many days are left in the billing cycle.

What if a client’s payment method is declined and they miss a payment?

We will notify them on your behalf that the payment was declined. If they don’t resolve the issue, their account will be automatically frozen and you will be notified. At that point we empower you to decide how you want to handle the situation. After all, you know your clients best!

Can I run a free program on YourCoach platform?

Absolutely! You don’t have to charge for your programs.

I have a Stripe account already - do I need to create another one?

No - you can use your existing Stripe account. Just sign in.

When is Apple Pay coming? Venmo? Square? Google Pay? Paypal?

Not sure, but we're listening! Please let us know what payment methods you prefer in addition to Stripe and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes! We take great care to protect your privacy and data. You can consult our policies via our Privacy Policy Statement and our blog here.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Our lawyers are hard at work! We are in the process of becoming GDPR compliant. It’s a lengthy process, and the goal is to be compliant by the end of 2022.

Do you sell data?

No, we do not!  Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to read all about how we protect your and your clients’ data.

What are Evergreen Programs?

With the Evergreen option, you only need to set the start of your Individual Program and it continues to run until you cancel it.

Can I set up programs with no end date?

You can indeed! With our Individual Evergreen Programs, you can set programs without an end date. This option for group programs is coming soon.

How many separate groups can I run within one group program?

There is no limit to how many groups you can run within a program.

Can I add attachments to client notes?

Not yet, but this feature is coming soon!

Can I share notes with clients?

Your notes are only visible to you, the coach, at the moment.

Can I add end dates to certain tasks and to-dos?

You absolutely can!

I am looking to have video calls with clients, at their scheduling convenience. How can they schedule a call with me within YourCoach?

You can set up your availability within the My Practice tab - you can add days, timeslots, as well as a free-intro call! Your clients will be able to book a session with you if they are enrolled in one of your programs. 

Can I sync my Availability with Google Calendar, iCal, and so on?

This feature is underway and will be available shortly for all coaches practicing on the platform.

Can my clients see my certificate?

Your clients can see your certificate unless you make it private.

Can clients see my client count in My Practice?

No, they cannot. It’s only visible to you!

Can my clients see my other clients?

No, your clients can’t see other clients or coaches. The only time clients ‘see’ each other is when they are enrolled together in a group program.

My \"Free Intro Call\" option is not showing on my home page - is this normal?

Your clients will see this option, and can book through your Availability.

What is my maximum client limit? Do you charge after a certain number of clients?

There is no client limit - you can invite as many clients as you can handle - more clients equals more happy humans!!

I am interested in learning more about new client opportunities through YourCoach - can I talk to somebody?

New client opportunities are available to practicing and verified health and wellness coaches on the YourCoach platform. Our team is happy to answer any questions via support@yourcoach.health

Do you record your live events?

We record all our events, however, the replays are available to coaches practicing on our platform and part of our YourCoach community first. All other registered attendees can rewatch the events in 4 weeks on our Youtube Channel or via our website here

I registered for one of your events but I can’t attend live. Will there be a recording sent out?

We record all our events, however the replays are available to coaches practicing on our platform and part of our YourCoach community first. All other registered attendees can rewatch the events at a later date on our Youtube Channel.

I’m a coach on the platform, how can I schedule a live session with a client?

You can schedule live sessions with your clients in a number of different ways. - When creating your program, you can either schedule an exact date & time for a live session or you can choose the number of sessions your program contains, which allows your clients to book through the scheduler at their convenience -When you have a program set up you can add live sessions via the  “To-dos” tab -You can also start an instant live session from the program’s chat by clicking on the Toolbar above the conversation

Do clients have to sign up on the YourCoach platform to join my program?

Your clients will need to sign up on our fully HIPAA-compliant platform in order to access your programs. Please note that your clients never have to pay for the platform!

Can coaches delete an active client?

You can delete the invitation sent to your client, but once they have accepted it and joined your program, you cannot remove them while the program is active. You can always freeze or pause their program if you need to.

Is there an extra charge for creating and sharing questionnaires and forms?

No, there is no fee for creating and sharing forms & questionnaires. Feel free to create as many as you need!

How do time zones work on the platform?

If you and your client are in different time zones, you have to consider the following:

  • If you set up a task for your client indicating a specific time - they will be notified in their time zone (e.g. you create a task indicating 5:00 pm - your client will receive a reminder for the task at 5:00 pm their time)
  • Time will be converted for live sessions (e.g. you schedule a live session for 2:00 pm your time - your client will receive a reminder at their local time)
  • The same goes for your availability schedule where you have to keep in mind the time differences with your clients and set up your schedule accordingly.

My certification is not shown in the provided list. What should I do?

Please feel free to type in the name/issuing institution of your certification manually if you don’t see it in the drop-down menu.

Why does my account say “Unverified”?

This is shown for coaches who have not had any activity, uploaded certifications or are not a part of the YourCoach community. Feel free to upload content such as your certificate or reach out to a member of our team.

How’s the client account different from a coach account?

When it comes to looks, your client’s account will look quite similar to yours, with fewer features and a simpler interface. As a reminder - clients are NOT able to see other clients or coaches on the platform, only the programs they are part of (and the coach(es) in that program) and the materials that you have provided. We have some handy tutorials on the platform to understand the client experience better. You can access them here.  

Will people be able to see my practice and description if they are not signed up to the platform?

You are able to share a deep link of your practice, where clients will be able to see the name, image and description of your practice as well as programs that are active and not hidden. They will also be able to see a link to a free intro session if you have chosen that option.

Can my client fill out a questionnaire before the program starts?

Absolutely! You can send out questionnaires to your clients (already signed up to the platform) via the Toolbox or Contacts (if you have them in your contacts list on the platform) tab.

As a coach, can I set up the food trackers/diary for my clients?

Clients are prompted to set up their own food diary (of course, you as a coach can always guide them with useful tips and suggestions!) and they will have to log their meals/nutritional information themselves.

Can I set up an individual payment method for each client in my program?

You can only choose one type of payment method per program. If you wish to offer different methods to some of your clients, we’d recommend cloning the program, selecting a desired method and inviting clients accordingly.

Can clients schedule sessions before the program starts?

If you offer free intro calls, clients will be able to book that before they start a program with you, otherwise they will have to enroll into a program to book a session. At the moment we do not offer the ability to purchase individual live sessions, but it is a feature our team is working on!

Do I need to invite clients first and then create a program or vice versa?

You will need to set up your program first and then invite your clients. If you offer free intro calls, your clients will be able to talk to you and you could discuss the details of their program. 

Can I upload multiple contracts to a program?

At the moment, you can only upload one contract per program.

Can we create a one-session program?

Absolutely! Your program’s duration can be as short as a day with only one live session included. Alternatively, you can offer a free intro call option to individuals who have not joined any of your programs yet.

Can clients create their own goals?

Your clients will be able to create short-term goals (please make sure you allow them to create these by switching a toggle under the “Goals” section when creating a program. Main, long-term goals and tasks can only be set up by the coach at the moment.

Can I upload multiple certificates? What is the maximum allowed number?

You can, of course, add more than one certificate, there is no maximum number you can upload. The more the merrier!

I scheduled a Live Session with a client. How do I start the call?

You can navigate to the calendar to find the scheduled session. The "Start" button will be activated a few minutes before the start of the session. You and your client(s) will also be notified about this via the Notifications tab.

Can I also offer Live Sessions for groups? How many people can attend and how do I invite them?

Absolutely! You can offer group live sessions within a group coaching program. You can enroll up to 1000 clients in each group - all enrolled clients will be able to join your scheduled Live Group Sessions.

What if my client(s) can\'t join the live session?

You can easily host and record live sessions on the platform even if your clients do not attend. To record a live session, please press the red “record” button once the session starts, and be sure to click the “stop” button before you end it. The video recording will be available in your To-Dos calendar (under the date of the recording) as well as within your notifications. You also have the option to share it with your clients at any time (it does not share automatically).

Can I host videos on the platform?

Currently, the platform does not support hosting video files. Nevertheless, you have the option to upload your videos to any video-hosting platform (like YouTube, Vimeo, your website, etc.) and then share the links with your clients on the platform through various means such as their program library, tasks, or chat, or include them in your personal library.

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